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Enjoy keyless entry with a Yale Unity Smart Lock

Digital Locks: Enjoy the convenience of keyless entry

Digital locks are electronic, mechanical or battery door or gate locks that don’t need physical keys to gain access. Instead, they can be opened via a keypad PIN, card, fob and even your mobile phone.

What are the benefits of choosing keyless entry and installing a digital lock?

No need to carry a key
Lost or misplaced keys are no longer a problem
No key for others to copy
Can be monitored remotely
Easy to share the code with other residents, tenants, guests, trades and service people. No need to provide a physical key
PIN can easily be changed

What are the options?

There are many digital door lock or smart lock options. Consider what you want the lock to do and the features you need. Then, I can suggest the best solution to meet your requirements.
Mechanical Digital Locks:
Don’t use batteries and can be opened by a PIN code only
Electronic Digital Locks:
Can be battery powered and sometimes called Smart Locks. Most have more features like card or fob access or Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Benefits can include the ability to open the lock offsite. It's also possible to set a time and date function to allow a PIN code to be active for a set time. This is great for short-term rental situations.
Hard Wired Digital Locks:
Using an electric strike or maglock with keypad or fob reader is recommended for commercial or high use doors. These types of systems handle high use with more reliability. Systems used and recommended include Rosslare, Neptune, FSH, LOX, Padde and Salto.
Options include electronic, digital and hard wired locks - Schlage Ease S2 Smart Digital Lock
Tips when buying a digital lock


If you intend to buy a digital door lock yourself for a locksmith to install, it’s recommended that you consult with the locksmith first. Often, when I arrive on site to install a pre-purchased digital lock, it can’t be installed on the door or gate. Call and I’ll guide you, so you don’t waste your money on a digital lock that’s not suitable for your door or gate.

There are many options when it comes to digital locks. Depending on what you want the lock to do and the desired features, I’ll suggest the best solution. Stewart Locksmiths only uses high quality reliable products. Below is a small selection but don’t hesitate to call for more options.

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Types of Digital Locks

A small selection of digital locks we use and recommend include:
Carbine CEL Digital Deadbolt Silver

Digital Deadbolt

Image: Carbine Digital Deadbolt
Yale Assure Digital Smart Deadbolt Black

Digital Deadbolt

Image: Yale Assure Lock
Mechanical Borg 5404 Lock

Mechanical Digital

Image: Borg Digital Leverset
dormakaba Digital M5 Lock black

Digital Mortice Lock

Image: dormakaba M5 Series
Lockwood DX002 Deadlock

Mechanical Digital

Image: Lockwood 002 Digital DX
Schlage Omnia Digital Smart Lock Black

Digital Mortice Lock

Image: Schlage Omnia

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