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Protect your valuables with a Safe from Stewart Locksmiths

Are your valuables protected?

Home Safes are a great way to increase your peace of mind. Leave your property and know your valuables are protected. Remember that even if you’re only going for a short walk, the average burglary only takes 8 to12 minutes.

Home Safes – Why get a Personal Safe for your home?

Protect your valuables as well as important and/or private documents from:

Burglary and theft due to break ins
Other house members and/or children
Visitors to your home such as trades and staff
Fire or water damage (depending on the Safe)

Why get a Personal Safe?

Benefits of Home Safes:
Ease of a single ‘go to’ location to hide your valuables
Important items are ‘out of view and reach’ of thieves
Increased peace of mind that your valuables are protected
Increased privacy from prying eyes
Convenient and easy to use solution
Protection from unforeseen disasters such as fire, water damage etc (if required)


The installation of the Safe is as important as the Safe itself. It needs to be secured to the floor or wall in a strong, secure way by a professional. You don’t want your new Safe picked up and carried away!

Home Safes from South Yarra Locksmith, Stewart Locksmiths
Protect your loose valuables with a Safe

What to secure in your Personal Safe?

Items often secured in Home Safes include:
Cash, Credit Cards & Wallets
Car Keys & Extra House Keys
Birth Certificates
Jewellery & Watches
Insurance Policies
Important Documents
Private Information and/or Items


Thieves look for opportunities that are quick and easy. Breaking into Home Safes take time and makes a lot of noise. Next time you head out, put the important items you don’t need into your Safe and enjoy yourself, knowing they’re secure.

Commercial Safes - Why get a Safe for your Business?

Commercial Safes provide many of the same benefits as personal safes. Businesses dealing with any amount of cash should have a safe for the protection of staff and the cash.


A Cash Deposit Safe allows staff to deposit takings without knowing the combination

Contact Ben to discuss your requirements and determine a Safe that’s right for you.

Australian Cash

Types of Safes

Safe Fire Resistant Home Safe

Fire Rated Safe

Image: Diplomat 119EN
Safe Secure Safe

Secure Safe

Image: Diplomat Cash Safe SC42
Safe Cash Deposit Safe

Cash Deposit Safe

Image: Diplomat DS25

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