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Master Key SystemsDo you need to share your keys with multiple people, staff and/or trades and services?

We design, supply, install and maintain Restricted Master Key Systems and Do Not Copy Keys allowing you to share your key, knowing it can’t be duplicated.

A master key system is a key plan where specific keys can open several pre-defined doors. These restricted key systems use ‘do not copy’ keys. Restricted keys can only be cut by the master locksmith who supplied the system. And only after approval from an authorising signatory of the client.

When should you consider a Restricted System?

A Master Key System is recommended when you need or want:
A higher level of security (locks are harder to pick and only the issuing master locksmith can cut new keys)
To share keys with multiple residents, staff and/or trades and services
Peace of mind knowing your key can’t be duplicated without authorisation


An apartment building has 12 units with a common entrance. Each unit requires a unique key that can open the common door and their front door but not other units.

Apartments often us Master Key Restricted Systems
Restricted Do Not Copy Keys

Who uses Master Key Systems?

Master Key Systems are typically installed at:
Apartment Buildings
Business Premises
Airbnb Rentals
Office Buildings
Sporting Grounds and Facilities
Business Premises
Body Corporates


I can convert your existing lock to accept a restricted do not copy key. In most cases you do not need to replace the lock as well.

I am a qualified and certified residential and commercial locksmith. Call Ben to discuss an obligation free quote.

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